The Predictable Math

First know this is not about the ‘law of averages’ since there are certain Actions inside Emailconomy that will absolutely take the averages and throw them out the door.

For instance, every HOT PDF download Lead is called on your behalf and their questions answered.

There is no trying to convince, convict or persuade anyone on a call. They either ‘get it’ and are business minded or they don’t.

Obviously the most profits are gained at the MASTER Level ($2,500) and the ‘math’ will really play in your favor. But it is what it is if you can’t join at that level right away so what… You can always upgrade by paying the difference later.

Let’s say you join at the Diamond level ($1000) and, this is our most popular level for reasons I will go over in just a minute.

At the Diamond level you earn $400 on your personals and $200 on your team members.

Let’s say you only ordered 500 letters at the cost of $557 (This includes fulfillment, live stamp, hot targeted lead and our high converting letter)...

There are reasons why you will convert at higher than 2% but let’s keep it at a 2% conversion rate.

2% of 500 letters is 10. Let’s keep it simple and say all 10 joined at the Inner Circle $500 level (that won’t happen but just for this example since many will join at a higher level)...

That’s 10 x $200 = $2000 Minus initial joining at Diamond is $1000 and cost for 500 letters $557 Profit: $443

And now you have a team of 10 who are going to mail just like you and you will make residuals off of their conversions.

Let’s use a better more realistic example. Let’s say you joined at the Diamond level.

Let’s say you ordered 1,000 letters and a mere 2% converted and joined just like you at the Diamond level.

That’s 20 new team members and you just made $400 from each.

That’s $8000 dollars in commissions.

Subtract initial cost to join $1000 and the cost of 1,000 letters - $847

Profit: $6,153 HUGE PROFIT!

LISTEN!!! Here’s the absolute KEY to your success in Direct Mail. You don’t go wasting your profits on some Tahiti vacation trip or some expensive purse or watch. You ramp up your business. Order 5,000 letters now!

5,000 letters cost $3,267

You get a 2% conversion. That’s 100 new team members. All joined we will say (it won’t happen perfectly like this some will join at lower level some will join at the Master’s level) at Diamond level.

100 x $400 is $40,000 !

Profit: $36,733 Mega Commissions!

And remember now you have a team of 100 from this mailing alone mailing just like you and you making 2nd Tier commissions on.

Obviously like any other business I can’t guarantee anything and this is just to show you a solid illustration on the math. But the math is real.

Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez