Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn with Emailconomy?

Every time we close a scheduled appointment for you, the new enrollee will send a commission on your behalf of $200, $400 or $1000. These commissions will be mailed to you the very next day after corporate receives.

As you can imagine these HUGE commissions make it incredibly easy to earn a sizable weekly (and monthly) income.

As an example, just one $200 commission each day means $6,000 per month in profits.

However, with our most popular level being the Master ($2,500), you can easily position yourself to rake in $25,000 to $30,000 every single month.

It’s very simple once you follow our step-by-step blueprint our members use.

Is it difficult to start making money with Emailconomy?
NOT AT ALL! Here are the 3 simple steps to start making money with Emailconomy:

Step 1: Choose the level you’d like and download our PDF letter and mail to our corporate office. Once we receive your payment we will disburse the commissions accordingly and upgrade you to your paid level inside Emailconomy.

Step 2: Order your first direct mail advertising campaign so your letters can start being sent out. We like to say “Get ‘em in church and we will get ‘em saved!” In other words get out of the way!

Will you help me with my new business?

Absolutely! Remember, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

We CLOSE all of your sales so that everything is 100% done for you when it comes to conversions.

Our proven track record speaks for itself with darn near 500 testimonials plus! Our business model works!

In addition, our training levels and live webinars are designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to take your business to another level, meaning way past six figures!

What if I can only afford the Inner Circle Level?
You make the most money being enrolled at the highest level (Master), but we do understand that everyone can’t afford to be at Master Level right away. Regardless of what level you start at, you can still earn a sizable income.

However, the higher level you join at, the more you’ll immediately begin earning in upfront commissions and lifelong residual income. Remember, the amount you earn on each of the sales we close for you depends on the level you’re enrolled at.

Whenever your prospects join at the level you joined, you will earn the exact commission that level pays and so will your sponsor. However, whenever your prospects join at a higher level than you’re enrolled at, the extra commissions will go up to your sponsor and admin.

Another way of saying all this is that you’re only eligible to earn up to the level you enrolled at.

This explains why it’s a major advantage when you’re enrolled at one of the higher levels. The most important thing for you is that you get started. Enroll at the level that is most comfortable for you, knowing that you’ll still be receiving commissions on every sale we close for you on that level.

The Good News is that you can upgrade any time to higher level by just paying the difference.

How do I order your custom high-converting direct mail letters and what do I need to do after that?

Once you send your enrollee level payment you will receive a phone call and be walked through exactly where to place your letter order in the back of your membership site.

You can order as little as 500 letters to unlimited. Letters include our highest converting prospect list.

The price includes the letter, fulfillment and hot leads and live stamp. You have to do nothing but place your order we do the rest.

Is this business legal?
Yes, absolutely. The Education direct sales industry has been around for decades.

It is part of one of the oldest business models known under commercial law. Our proven track record speaks for itself with over 500 testimonials.

We understand that it’s sometimes hard to decide whom to work with and trust that is we hold very high standards of ethical behavior and expect same from our members.

We pride ourselves in a no hype environment and expect the same from our members.
This is a REAL business and if you treat this like the real business that it is it will reward you like the REAL business that it is.

Furthermore, this program is NOT MLM, Network Marketing or cash gifting.

With Emailconomy you are NOT required to have any sales skills, technical knowledge or Internet Marketing experience.

Okay, I’m ready to get started! What is my next move?
Getting started is easy. Simply decide on what level you want to begin at. Download and print the PDF letter, check the level you want and pay accordingly and mail to our corporate office. You will be upgraded within 24 hours.

Can I talk to a live person to get my questions answered?
Yes and Yes! Call the owner directly Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez.

Here is his cell phone: 614 214 0623.

If you feel like you need more time, schedule an appointment with him for 30 minutes.

We pride ourselves in transparency.